Devika Knafo Joins The Climate People Team

An Interview with Devika Knafo, Climate People's New ClimateTech Recruiter 


Please provide a brief summary of your professional background:

  • I completed my BS in Business Administration from American University in Washington, DC, and graduated early. Being able to interact successfully with others motivated me to pursue this avenue that allowed me to explore my sense of creative thinking and curiosity. The blend of my work in sustainability, vendor relations, and residential and commercial management has supported me in effectively building cross-cultural bridges and managing interactions in American and international work cultures. Along with that comes my passion for creative writing and the arts which influences my professional goals of wanting to connect people with the idea of purpose through being resourceful, adaptive, and driven in a business environment. My flair for turning ideas into actions can be unveiled through the versatility of community-based projects I am a part of, such as expanding American University's edible campus (the community gardens) that is aimed at addressing sustainable development and cultivating urban resilience. 


Why do you want to work in climate tech?

  • I wanted to continue pushing the bounds of my knowledge and expertise in sustainability and climate by diving fully into a field where I see actionable insights to reduce the carbon impact of buildings and infrastructure, and facilitate the move to renewable energy day in and day out. Being avid to motivate people during a virtual environment in efforts to build stronger synergy amongst teams and corporations permits me to grow my understanding and appreciation for different perspectives. I am committed to making an impact and I choose to have that show up by being passionately curious and actively present by investing my time in learning more about this global challenge, staying connected with thousands of knowledgeable and devoted leaders and builders, and staying informed in an evolving market.


Why did you choose to work for Climate People? What excites you about the role?:

  • I saw an opportunity to work with Climate People as a meaningful step in my career that opens up the doors to being an engaged member of communities with a common goal in mind — helping tackle the climate crisis through climate tech. It’s no secret that our planet is dancing on a knife’s edge with problems that would multiply, however, we must become aware that we can recognize this revelation from a compelling and promising perspective. Climate People stood out to me for its innovativeness, personalized approach to making an impact and growing relationships, and urgency to establish itself in a niche market.


Fun facts about you? What do you do in your free time, passions or hobbies, etc.: 

  • When I am not engaging in drafting and editing fundamental research material or aiding in sustainable project management, I'm cooking with friends and giving a new recipe a whirl, I love spending time outdoors hiking or practicing yoga, I enjoy listening to Ted Talks, or simply being absorbed in a captivating game of chess. Feel free to drop me a message and say hello! Share with me what you are most interested in and what impact you want to make with your career.



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