Nick Stenicka Joins the Climate People Team

An Interview with Nick Stenicka, Climate People's New ClimateTech Talent Scout

Nick Stenicka Joins the Climate People Team

An Interview with Nick Stenicka, Climate People's New ClimateTech Talent Scout

Please provide a brief summary of your professional background:

Following graduation from St. Lawrence University, I parlayed my collegiate alpine ski racing career from athlete to coach. I spent the next three years coaching high school-aged Alpine FIS athletes across the Intermountain Division. As I sought a new professional challenge that could incorporate my drive to build communities, I came across the talent acquisition space. I love recruiting in the technology sector due to its ever-evolving nature, there is always something new to be learned.

Why do you want to work in ClimateTech?

I am a strong advocate for getting groups of people collectively into nature. This stems from my upbringing, which largely encompassed living in mountain towns, skiing, biking, or rafting. I believe that ClimateTech solutions are capable of preserving our landscapes ensuring they are available for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Why did you choose to work for Climate People? What excites you about the role?:

I took my time with my last job search, I was looking for somewhere with purpose, a thoughtful team, and a nimble startup atmosphere — Climate People checked all of the boxes. By bringing talent to ClimateTech companies, Climate People is directly expediting the impact these solutions will have on our environment. Helping organizations assemble their staffing puzzle is a fun challenge in itself, however, the additional focus on climate solutions will prove to be an added layer of fulfillment! The opportunity to be a small catalyst in the workforce transition is an exciting professional prospect.

Fun facts about you? What do you do in your free time, passions or hobbies, etc.:

My family liked to move a lot during my childhood. I lived in 12 different homes across the nation before attending university! From California to Colorado, to Georgia, Utah, New York, Vermont, and finally to Idaho - I’ve been lucky to call many places home.  CA-CO-GA-CO-UT-CO!

I’m a Nastar National Champion!

In my free time, I love spending time outdoors recreating. My developed hobbies are skiing, playing disc golf (and the more traditional) ball golf, cooking, and listening to my growing vinyl collection. My developing hobbies are mountain climbing, fly fishing, and hockey.

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