Welcome to the team, Abby!

Abby Alvin joins the Climate People team as a Senior ClimateTech Recruiter and Account Manager!

Welcome to the team, Abby!

An interview with Abby Alvin, Climate People's newest Senior ClimateTech Recruiter and Account Manager!

Brief Summary of Professional Background: 

  • After studying Geology, Environmental Science, and Entrepreneurship in college, I took a different route and went into the corporate space at a recruiting firm for six and a half years where I was morphed into the passionate sales woman I am today! I then took a break to travel the world solo for a year, and when COVID hit three months in, I returned to the states and pursued a job in social impact tech for a year. Now, I get to combine the two into one! 

Why do you want to work in climate tech? 

  • A meaningful career is something I cherish and the time to make big change in climate is NOW. Being outside in nature is where I have always had my most wholesome memories whether I am hiking, photographing, attempting to surf, skiing, etc. I want to return the favor back as best I can. I want to help in the good fight to heal the wounds we have created. Bringing top tech talent to environmentally-missioned companies that will utilize that talent to its full potential by creating monumental change is a dream to me!

Why did you choose to work for Climate People? What excites you about the role?: 

  • I was waiting for the right time to make my debut in the climate world and here I come! There are BRILLIANT minds out there that are working tirelessly and creatively to solve climate problems as effectively as they can. I want to make as big of an impact as I can in helping provide these creators with the best team underneath them by sourcing top tech talent that is passionate and will help with the success behind these missions! Not only am I excited to work with a team that is as passionate about the environment as I am, but also to learn first-hand from our incredible clients about all the cutting-edge climate work they are tackling!!

Fun facts about you? What do you do in your free time, passions or hobbies, etc.: 

  • I love rocks. Every time a rock breaks you are seeing a new piece of history that’s never been seen before. Pretty neat! I also love collecting sea glass, photographing landscapes and happy moments, pretending I can surf (every time feels like the first time), and meeting fascinating people! 

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