Welcome to the Team, Aruna

An Interview with Aruna Mandulapalli, Climate People's New Senior ClimateTech Recruiter! We're so glad to have you on the team, Aruna!

Welcome to the Team, Aruna

An Interview with Aruna Mandulapalli, Climate People's New Senior Recruiter

Please provide a brief summary of your professional background:

I am a passionate recruiter and love narrating stories of my clients and candidates. I have recruited for several industries such as Technology, Utilities, Biotechnology, Medical Diagnostics, Healthcare, Research, and Financial Services.

Why do you want to work in climate tech?

I care deeply about the Climate. My Climate journey started close to 13 years ago when I was introduced to biodegradable cleaning products made of corn and coconut. I have since tried to do my share to keep my home and surroundings climate-friendly. Thanks to Climate People I now have this opportunity to use my professional skills to go beyond my personal life and make a greater impact.

Why did you choose to work for Climate People? What excites you about the role?:

I have known about Climate People since its inception. The question was never about “why” but “when” I would join. I believe that Climate People is at a place where I could not consciously delay this any longer. I am extremely proud of what Brendan has built so far and excited about combining my passion for climate and recruiting and executing the vision of the company.

Fun facts about you? What do you do in your free time, passions or hobbies, etc.:

Ah!!! There is a lot that I enjoy. I will stick to my top 3. I love to cook and learn about different cuisines and spices. Cooking is therapeutic for me. I also enjoy gardening during the warmer months. I am so proud that I was able to grow some carrots and potatoes in my garden this year. Finally, we as a family love to travel. We enjoy learning about different cultures and their way of life. My other hobbies include reading, arts and crafts, and much more.

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