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Join the team of professionals behind our mission to get more people working on climate solutions.

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How we make an impact

Climate People a technology recruiting firm that is dedicated to decarbonizing the global economy by placing mission-driven talent into ClimateTech careers. We focus on software, data, product, and user experience across the following sectors:


These four core values are considered in every one of our business decisions.

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Who we are at Climate People

Human First

At Climate People we understand that you are a human before you are an employee. We offer a flexible schedule that works for you.

As recruiters, we understand the value in attracting and maintaining talent — we apply all those same values to all of our internal employees.

We get the job done, make an impact on climate change, and have fun doing it. The more hands we have on deck, the more people we can get working on climate solutions. Join us?

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Hear from our team

Nick Stenicka - Climate Tech Scout
Aruna Mandulapalli - Senior Recruiter
Natalie Lavery - Marketing Lead
Wes Hadley - Business Opps
Brendan Andersen. - Founder and CEO
Devika Knafo - Recruiter

Job openings at Climate People

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