About Climate People

Who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

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How we make an impact

Our mission is simple: we are mobilizing a workforce transition to get more people working on climate! We hire and recruit for all of the following sectors:

First things first, what is climate tech?

The waves of innovation surrounding everything we do. There are three categories within ClimateTech: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Climate Adaptation, and Carbon Sequestration.

Essentially, any technological service — whether its software as a service, a web-based tool, a physical satellite, etc. — that works to eliminate/remove or reduce the harms of carbon emissions can be considered a ClimateTech product. These innovative technologies can be industry specific or more general.


A technology recruiting firm that is dedicated to decarbonizing the global economy by placing mission-driven talent into ClimateTech careers.

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We’re driven by impact! Climate People joins forces with like organizations and mission-driven talent to create a profound and lasting impact on climate change.
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We’re optimists in the fight against climate change and believe our clients will decarbonize the global economy. We see both the problem and the possibility.
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Climate change disproportionately impacts historically marginalized communities. We have taken the Edict and Browning the Green Space pledges to empower diversity in ClimateTech. It is our responsibility to hire a diverse talent pool.
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While we’re optimistic, we’re also realistic. We’re in a race against time to combat climate change. It’s paramount to place exceptional talent quickly to help our clients deploy their much-needed solutions.

Our commitment

Browning the Green Space is a coalition of clean energy and climate companies, non-profits, venture capital firms, and grassroots organizations that have made a pledged commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) in support of a just energy transition for Black and Brown communities.

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