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What it is like to work with Climate People: testimonies from our clients.

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Leading ClimateTech companies trust us for their tech talent acquisition needs.

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Industry hiring challenges

Mission alignment
There are countless tech recruitment agencies out there. There are very few that are laser-focused on software recruiting for ClimateTech companies.

Getting qualified candidates through the hiring process quickly is critical. Our clients need to scale efficiently so they can meet the needs of the greater ClimateTech arena.

Competitive talent pool
Companies are competing against each other for talent in a hyper-competitive space. Hiring is the bottleneck for immediate company growth and overall business trajectory.

Jobs we can fill

Our four main pillars are Data, Software, Design, and Product. We also hire Engineering Leaders, ESG/Corporate Sustainability Professionals, Operations/Strategy Leaders, PhD Researchers, Mechanical Engineers, Sales/Marketing Professionals, and more!

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Product Designers, Visual Designers, User Experience Professionals, and more!

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Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects, and more.

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Full Stack, Back End, Front End, and more!

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Product Managers, Product Leaders, and more!

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Trusted by over 32 leading climate companies

Our niche is climate — it's all we do. Strictly focusing on climate jobs allows us to deliver quality hiring solutions.

Ari Raivetz - Transcend

Ari Raivetz


We only had a few candidates, but they were VERY targeted and on point for what we needed. Aruna took time to understand what we do and what we need and then only sent us ones that were a good fit.

Beau Cronin - WeaveGrid

Beau Cronin

Chief of Staff to the CTO

For us, mission alignment is the first filter, and no other recruiter was able to understand that or deliver on it. Climate People is a whole different animal, filling a gap that is otherwise totally missing.

Mark O'Neill - Energy Hub

Mark O'Neill

VP of Engineering

Climate People got us strong candidates fast. We've been able to quickly fill crucial senior roles, in Engineering and beyond. They're well connected in the climate space, fun to work with.

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