Partnering with Climate People gives you direct access to exceptional mission-driven candidates.

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Mission-driven companies, particularly those in the ClimateTech sector have a unique opportunity to attract top talent. Candidates want meaningful work and competition to attract top talent is fierce.

Get direct access to exceptional mission-driven talent.

diversity matters

Climate justice and racial justice are interconnected global issues that require diverse thought, perspective, and most importantly, representation. We have taken the Edict pledge to empower diversity in the ClimateTech sector and encourage our clients to join us in this important mission!

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Climate People only partners with companies involved in reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future.
We take client engagement seriously and view our relationship with you as mutually beneficial. We are Growth Partners. We do this work because it’s important and we seek to maximize our ability to make a direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Your success means great things for the planet. We are truly in this together.

We partner with 1% For The Planet to help create a new environmental legacy.

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