5 Steps to Land Your Next Climate Tech Role

Are you thinking about switching to a career in ClimateTech? 

Have you submitted job application after job application with no luck landing interviews let alone your next job offer? Follow Climate People's 5 steps for landing your next ClimateTech role.

The first step is to open your eyes to the possibilities of a ClimateTech career. We encourage you to recognize both the problem and the possibility. The problem is rooted in the detrimental effects of climate change - but the possibility lies within the wide breadth of opportunity to reverse this harm through ClimateTech innovation.

After recognizing the opportunity, you have to dive into the industry head first. There are countless resources that provide in-depth and relevant industry insights. It's essential to be well-versed and knowledgeable about all the various sectors and recent advancements.

Now is the time to update your LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter. It's essential to sell your experiences with quantitative impact statements while also showing your mission alignment. Many ClimateTech companies are start-ups and the founders are actively involved in the hiring processes - they care about your dedication to tackling climate change.

Next, you have to make a name for yourself! Use all the resources that you've discovered in the research stage and apply them here. Be active and make genuine connections. The ClimateTech community is very open, but you have to do the legwork.

Lastly, it's time to apply for jobs! Solely submitting applications will not land you a job, you have to follow up. Don't let daunting requirements scare you out of applying. Remember to sell what you have to offer and not to dwell on what you don't bring to the table.

Follow these 5 steps and you'll be well on your way to landing a career in climate solutions. Remember, this isn't your traditional job search, people in this space want to help and the more hands we have on deck, the greater impact we can make.


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