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Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, and as a climate company, your hiring decisions can make a huge impact. That's why we're excited to launch our new Climate Hiring Playbook! It's packed with everything you need to know about finding, attracting, and hiring top climate talent.

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A Networking Sub-Community

Not only does networking increase the number of offers you'll receive, but it also enhances the quality of those opportunities. How do you do it?

A Networking Sub-Community

Have Time For A Coffee Chat?

According to Hubspot and Business Insider, 85% of jobs are filled through networking and 70% of jobs aren't even publicly posted. Networking is the key ingredient to landing a job.

Not only does networking increase the number of offers you'll receive, but it also enhances the quality of those opportunities. Having conversations, actively engaging, and being in the driver's seat of your own search allows you to cultivate a niche and targeted community of people who are on your side. This type of environment breeds success and job opportunities.

Common Grounds

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of online communities has skyrocketed. People are turning to the internet as a source of interaction and engagement. Companies, nonprofits, and organizations have been paying attention to this upward trend and using these online forums as a catalyst for bringing together like-minded individuals to scale growth and engagement.

According to Peer Board:
→ 76% of internet users participate in an online community
→ 2/3 of users say they are visiting community platforms more often than they did a few years ago
→ Almost 4/5 of large companies have at least one internet community
→ 81% uptick in online community engagement from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Tying it All Together

When we connect the dots between these two industry trends, it's evident that job seekers and hiring managers are turning to these online communities for their talent acquisition needs. A highly engaged group of like-minded and mission-driven individuals is a breeding ground for exceptional innovation, insights, and ultimately job opportunities.

Bringing it Back to Climate

Climate change is an issue that will require groundbreaking solutions across all sectors, industries, and career paths. We have 10-20 years to reach net-zero emissions and there's truly no time to waste.

In response to these jarring statistics, in the summer of 2020 two ex-Google engineers, Eugene Kirpichov and Cassandra Xia had decided to quit their jobs and created an online Slack forum that encourages individuals to follow suit by finding climate jobs, building climate companies, and networking with mission-driven people. They started Work On Climate — once a pipe dream — now the world’s largest climate community with 5k+ members and a large team of volunteer organizers.

Work on Climate has countless resources for eager people to get involved. One of which is their ecosystem of sub-communities dedicated to helping people of similar professions to come together in one central channel.

The Work on Climate community currently has subcommunities for:
Software Engineers
Project Managers
→ Designers
→ Recruiters
→ Content Creators
→ & many more!

A Deeper Look At The #Software-Engineers Channel

Natalie Lavery and Wes Hadley from our team are two of the organizers of Work on Climate’s community for software engineers and have seen first-hand the career opportunity within this community. With 100+ climate-oriented software engineers, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of activity, job postings, and collaboration in the few short weeks since its inception.

This platform is an incredible place to jumpstart your networking initiatives. Everyone in this community cares deeply about climate change and wants to help get more passionate people on board. We highly recommend registering, sending out a few feelers, and getting to know the people who are driving the #WorkOnClimate movement.

Click here to register for Work On Climate and join the #Software-Engineers sub-community!

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