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AMA: Product Managers in Climate

We recently had André Meurer, the Head of Product at Building Decarbonization Coalition, on to talk about his journey getting a product job in climate.

AMA: Product Managers in Climate


Calling all Product Managers + techies, we have an exciting event just for you!

We’re thrilled to have hosted André Meurer, the Head of Product at Building Decarbonization Coalition, for an in-depth AMA session. With a background in Software Engineering and over a decade in Product, he’s exceptionally well-positioned to speak to the intricacies of transitioning from larger tech to climate.

​As the first tech hire at his current company, he’s well versed in navigating the start up space, outlining processes, and building systems from scratch.

​After having an ‘ah-ha’ moment about working in climate during his time in the retail space, he took a short career break to dedicate his time to networking and getting involved in the climate community.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday August 23rd at 12 pm EST for this session to learn more about his journey, get tailored advice, and be inspired to kickstart your own climate journey.


André is a technologist with international background in software engineering and product development. He recently transitioned to a climate career as Head of Product for the Building Decarbonization Coalition, where he is creating the digital resources and tools to help people electrify their homes.

​Prior to joining BDC, André was Chief Product Officer for Oliver Wyman Retail Solutions and Director with Oliver Wyman Digital, creating AI-driven tools to empower large corporations to make more customer-centric decisions. Before then, he donned various hats, including engineering manager, solution architect, product manager, and software engineer, delivering solutions for clients across retail, telecommunications, investment banking, and the public sector.

​After two decades in technology and management consulting, André made a decision to focus his career on climate change, working toward an electrified future powered by clean energy.

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