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An Ode To Timeliness & The Benefits of Working With an Industry-Specific Recruiter

A Hiring Case Study: At Climate People, ClimateTech is our only initiative. We funnel all of our recruiting efforts into this market.

An Ode To Timeliness & The Benefits of Working With an Industry-Specific Recruiter

Meet Persefoni:

Persefoni is an intelligent carbon footprint management and reporting platform. Persefoni’s mission is to enable every person and organization with the technology to improve the health of the planet.

Persefoni’s Recruiting Deficit:

Persefoni is an early-stage company experiencing rapid growth. Their recruiting efforts are housed within People Operations and are just one of the many responsibilities of the team. They needed external recruiting help to augment the team and aid their hiring initiatives, and they needed it quickly.

The Specific Need:

Persefoni was looking to hire a Senior Data Engineer to continue the development of its industry-leading, intelligent climate platform.

Their ideal candidate needed to align with their four core values:

  • Sustainability
  • Impact
  • Collaboration
  • Equality

Enter Climate People & Meet Ben:

Ben is a polyglot Senior Back End Software Engineer with eight years of experience building SaaS and IoT products in Go, Python, Node, and Ruby.

Climate People connected with Ben after he had made the conscious decision to transition his career to the ClimateTech space.

Ben reached out to Climate People about a Senior Backend Engineer role on Sunday night, May 23rd, and was placed as the Senior Data Engineer at Persefoni the following Wednesday, June 2nd.

Climate People’s Founder and lead ClimateTech Recruiter, Brendan Andersen, saw Ben’s promising background and was inspired by his desire to make an impact on climate. Brendan worked tirelessly to schedule him for interviews with several ClimateTech companies, ultimately helping him land a role at Persefoni.

Ben fit perfectly with Persefoni’s needs, wants, and company culture.

“We try to find candidates who already embody our core values and have an interest in role modeling those things and Ben definitely fell into that micro-group,” Courtney Reynolds, Director of People Operations at Persefoni, said.

Not only did Ben have impressive hard skills, but he also exemplified exceptional soft skills and held a true passion for sustainability.

“I don't operate under any sort of delusion that my little bit of coding is going to fix the problem entirely, but it's nice to be at least working on solutions that are making things a little bit better,” Ben said. “I may not personally move the needle, but enough people doing it hopefully will.”

The Recruiting Solution

Persefoni needed quality talent on a tight timeline. Climate People was able to provide this due to our niche specialty — our recruiters are fully immersed in the ClimateTech space. We homed in on two crucial elements to successfully fulfill Persefoni’s hiring needs: timeliness and company fit.


From start to finish, we had Ben screened, interviewed, and placed within 11 days.

“Brendan is always available to text, call, or email day and night,” Courtney said. “He’s really responsive and I feel like he’s a true partner as we navigate our hiring. It was definitely faster than I expected.”

With Ben’s placement, we remained fully transparent about his other opportunities and encouraged Persefoni to work quickly to secure him. This efficiency was beneficial for hiring managers and job seekers alike.

ClimateTech Market Insights

At Climate People, ClimateTech is our only initiative. We funnel all of our recruiting efforts into this market.

“It seems that Climate People has a much better connection to its clientele than the average recruiting agency does,” Ben said. “They’re very passionate about your particular vertical which made a big difference in the process.”

Climate People’s motto is “we’re stronger together.” We don’t consider ourselves typical recruiters, we’re “impact partners.” Climate change is single-handedly the most important issue facing humanity today and we see our work as part of a larger solution.


At Climate People we truly believe that through candidate placement and client collaboration, we can place mission-driven individuals in influential ClimateTech roles that will ultimately decarbonize the global economy and lessen the harmful effects of climate change. We’re driven by the idea that when like organizations and mission-driven individuals join forces, we can create a profound and lasting impact.

Through specialized recruiting and timeliness, we’re doing our part in achieving this.

Looking to hire sustainability-forward, driven, and motivated leaders at your ClimateTech company? Reach out to us now!

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