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Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, and as a climate company, your hiring decisions can make a huge impact. That's why we're excited to launch our new Climate Hiring Playbook! It's packed with everything you need to know about finding, attracting, and hiring top climate talent.

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Driven By Impact | Edition 7: December 2021

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Driven By Impact | Edition 7: December 2021

Edition 7: December 2021


Happy Holidays!

In the recruiting world, January is known for career changes! In our eyes, there’s no better way to ring in the New Year than by transitioning your career to focus on climate solutions!

In light of this, we wanted to highlight some of Harvard Business Review's future work norms to help our community stay ahead of the curve by creating a candidate-centric environment that aids employee retention:

- DEI will be at the forefront
- Remote work isn't going away
- Upskilling will be necessary
- Flexibility is integral
- It's necessary to re-imagine how productivity is measured

Not only do people want to work on impactful causes, but they also want to feel valued and supported as both an employee and a person.

Climate People Updates

What's new at Climate People? ClimateTech is our only initiative. Our sole mission is to combat climate change one job placement at a time. Learn how we're doing this below.

- Welcome to the team, Aruna: Our Senior ClimateTech Recruiter.
- We need your input: SURVEY: Barriers to Working On Climate.
- Every job is a climate job: CPA → Associate Director of Climate Solutions.
- Rewarding work & no pay cut: How This Engineer Transitioned His Career.

Innovative Solutions

The ClimateTech community is constantly rolling out fresh and engaging resources to help decarbonize the global economy. View our recommended resources below.

- Work on Climate: Sub-Community for Software Engineers.
- Networking 101: How To Effectively Network.
- Global CleanTech 100: The Companies & Trends Driving Innovation.
- Get funding & support to launch a ClimateTech company: For ClimateTech Cohort.
- 22 predictions for 2022: What We Can Expect In Climate This Year.

Dose of Optimism

At Climate People, we acknowledge the problem and the possibility. We're optimistic in this battle and believe that our customers and clients can and will make an impact.

- Carbon capture for semi-trucks: Meet Remora Carbon.
- $7.5B electric vehicle charging plan: 500,000 Charging Stations.
- Bank FinTech: How Banks Are Using Tech to Fight Climate Change.

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