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How to do a Market Map of Climate Companies

In simple terms, a market map is a list of companies that are working on a technology/service within your pinpointed solution. It will help you stay on track with your outreach and ensure you’re streamlining your networking efforts. Conducting a market map will allow you to start making a name for yourself within your solution and will ultimately help you land a climate job.

How to do a Market Map of Climate Companies

Navigating the Climate Job Search: A Guide to Market Mapping

The climate job search can be likened to a three-step process:

  1. Learn: Immerse yourself in the climate industry and identify three solutions that grab your interest.
  2. Network: Forge connections with professionals working on those three solutions.
  3. Leverage: Utilize your network as you apply for jobs.

To execute it flawlessly, it's crucial to narrow down your search and delve into the depth of a specific climate solution rather than skim the surface of the entire climate industry. Focusing on three solutions allows you to gain extensive knowledge, meet key players, and establish a reputation within that particular climate solution. This approach is far more effective than simply stating, "I just want a job in climate."

Having identified your three solutions, make it your mission to learn everything you can about them. When interviewing and applying with companies, it's a significant advantage to discuss the intricacies of the industry with authority.

After conducting your research, create a market map of the companies working on your chosen solutions. Identify the ones that intrigue you and plan your outreach accordingly. This blog post aims to demystify the concept of a climate market map and provide guidance on creating one effectively.

What is a Market Map?

A market map, in layman's terms, is a directory of companies engaged in a technology or service within your chosen solution. It's a valuable tool to guide your outreach efforts and streamline your networking. Conducting a market map helps you carve out a niche for yourself within your chosen solution and increases your chances of landing a climate job.

Think of it as an extensive research project that helps you have a greater understanding of the climate job search. Here are some techniques to get you started:

  • Leverage LinkedIn: Follow a company in your chosen solution on LinkedIn. The platform's algorithm will suggest similar companies. Explore these suggestions and add any relevant ones to your market map. Repeat this process with multiple companies to expand your list.
  • Follow Founders and Executives: Besides following the company, also follow its founders and other executives on LinkedIn. Engage with their posts to signal your interest in the company and industry to the algorithm, which will then feed you content from similar companies and help you build your brand.
  • Explore Accelerators and Incubators: These entities often specialize in specific sectors and maintain a list of affiliated companies. This is an excellent place to start your market mapping journey. Some notable examples include Activate, Breakthrough Energy, Elemental Excelerator, Joules, and many more. CTVC put together an exhaustive list of climate accelerators here.
  • Use Pre-made Market Maps: There is a wealth of pre-made market maps available online that can serve as a starting point for your own.
  • Paid Tools: Services like Net Zero Insights and Sightline Climate make market mapping incredibly easy. You can search by term, sector, and solution to generate a list of companies instantly. These tools often provide contact information, making networking easier.
  • Climate-Specific Job Boards: These platforms allow you to filter by sector and identify companies that are hiring. Some of our favorites are Brown Girl Green, Climate Draft, Green Jobs Board, and Climatebase.

Remember, the climate industry is dynamic, with companies continually innovating and evolving. Regularly update your market map to keep pace with advancements. Put your research skills to work, and soon, your market map will become an invaluable tool in your climate job search.

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