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How to Stand Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

So, follow these five tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile and have recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to you!

How to Stand Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

5 LinkedIn Tips For ClimateTech Professionals

Are you looking to get recruited on LinkedIn? If not, you should be.

Having a strong LinkedIn presence is a shoo-in for landing your next role. This applies to all industries but is especially relevant for ClimateTech. ClimateTech is a booming space that is growing rapidly.

“The difficult thing here is that we have to change everything,” O’Sullivan said while on the TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 virtual stage. “Climate tech is not just one thing that needs to be changed. We have 1,000 different areas that need to be reinvented, and industries that need to be reconstructed.”

What coincides with a rapidly growing industry? An influx of hiring! So, follow these five tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile and have recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to you!

Show mission-alignment

People in the environmental arena are passionate — there are no two ways about it. Many of Climate People's clients are early-stage startups and the founders are oftentimes directly involved with the hiring process. These founders obviously care a lot about their technology and the greater issues at hand and they want to see that same passion radiate through their employee base.

So, use this as your opportunity to tell your environmental journey, incorporate it as part of your personal brand. This applies to your overview, skills section, and experiences. Structure your profile as if it's a story — where did you come from, where are you now, and where are you going. Have you volunteered at an environmental nonprofit, done the occasional trash pickup, or made personal sustainable choices? Include it on your profile! It's key to show who you are outside of work, play to recruiters' emotions, and have them relate to your lived experiences through both your hard and soft skills.

Network, network, network

It's called a social network for a reason. With LinkedIn, you will get out what you put in. Use your LinkedIn profile as a launching pad for making connections and ultimately landing your next role. We recommend that you find people who interest you and send them a connection request. Ensure that you include a note saying you'd love to connect to learn more about their career path, or whatever your intentions may be. Follow people who inspire you and learn from their resources. At Climate People, we recommend that you ask to have at least three virtual 'coffee chats' a month. The more you put yourself out there, the more people you will meet, and the more immersed you'll be in the community. We know that this can seem daunting, but remind yourself that in the ClimateTech industry, we're all working towards the same common goal and people want to help!

Be active

What's the point of having a profile if you aren't going to use it? Similar to any other social platform, LinkedIn's algorithm prioritizes those who are active and engaged. Join LinkedIn groups (a subtle plug to join our Climate Career Catalyst group), follow company pages, and engage with posts. Prioritize forming genuine relationships via the platform's various interaction options: liking, commenting, sharing, sharing with a comment, blogging, etc.

I want to reiterate that LinkedIn will only deliver the effort that you put in. Use LinkedIn's community-building feature to create and accentuate your personal brand.

LinkedIn is a search engine

Just like Google, you need to optimize your profile for keywords! Recruiters are searching for you based on the keywords in the job description they're hiring for. The more of those keywords you have in your profile, the more likely it is that your profile will appear at the top of the search. Ensure that your header, overview, experiences, and skills tags are packed full of your industry's keywords. To find those keywords, check out multiple different job descriptions and see which words are most prominent. Ensure that you're also backlinking to your profile across your other sites (portfolio, social, etc.), stuff keywords into the file name of your profile and banner images, and create a custom URL with more keywords!

To ensure you're maxing out your keyword potential, follow these recommended character/word limits: - Profile Headline Length: 120 characters
- Summary Length: 2,000 characters
- URL: 256 characters
- Skills: 50 words

Add media to your experiences section

A picture is worth 1,000 words. No really - it is! Ensure that you're filling your LinkedIn with work samples that show your expertise. The key here is to not only say what you've done but show how well you've done it! Recruiters want to get a full-scale picture of how you perform as an employee and will be more likely to reach out to you if you provide that upfront. Alongside your media, ensure that you're displaying quantitative metrics — this is another great way to show recruiters how well you've excelled in the past. This is your opportunity to impress — hold nothing back!

So that's a wrap! If you optimize your LinkedIn profile via these 5 tips, recruiters will come running to you! Just a friendly reminder that the ClimateTech job search is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. People in this space want to have more hands on deck and the more eager candidates we have, the better!

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

Once you've updated your profile and are feeling inspired by your spruced-up digital presence, check out our most recent roles and apply, apply, apply!

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