SURVEY: Barriers to Working On Climate

What's Preventing You From Working On Climate?

As we wrap up 2021, Climate People's first year in business, we wanted to reflect on our mission: "Mobilize a workforce to transition their careers to focus on climate solutions."

Through hundreds of candidate conversations, messages, and interactions we realized that the vast majority of our job seekers — at one point or another — didn't see a space for them in climate. From what we directly observed, this lack of awareness was the number one thing preventing people from transitioning their careers.

After some reflection and internal conversations, we realized that while this was the most obvious barrier, there had to be more. Given the dire necessity of climate action, the dwindling timeline to reach net zero, and the blatantly worsening effects of climate change — we knew we had to get answers fast.

In response, we're asking a few very important questions that pinpoint exactly what is preventing people from taking a career in climate.

Please complete our survey and share it with your network! We greatly appreciate your willingness to help us get more people combatting the harmful effects of climate change.



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