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Top Skills For Software Engineers In ClimateTech

As this industry continues to grow alongside the warming climate, there will be more and more jobs that will need to be filled.

Top Skills For Software Engineers In ClimateTech

Mobilizing a workforce to work on climate solutions is essential to the widespread adoption of climate technologies. As this industry continues to grow alongside the warming climate, there will be more and more jobs that will need to be filled.

Many climate technologies are cloud-based and require a great deal of software expertise to make them operational. Climate software jobs consist of anything from back-end engineers to UX designers, and everything in between. At Climate People, we hire countless full-stack engineers, data engineers, DevOps engineers, front-end engineers, platform specialists, data architects, and much more.

As for any job search, it's usually smart to enter a field where there is both job demand and security. Climate software roles offer just that.

There are countless skills that are required for landing a software job in this space, including Python, Java, React, Node, Typescript, Cloud, etc. Frankly, there are too many to name. Instead of giving you a "cheat sheet" for all of the skills you need to get a job, we let the numbers do the talking.

If you've been following us for some time now, you've probably heard us say time and time again that LinkedIn is simply a search engine. For example, when recruiters are looking for a senior data engineer with Python experience, they will type "senior data engineer" and "Python" into their search bar and if you have those keywords in your profile it's likely that you will show up at the top of their list.

At Climate People we work with countless of the top ClimateTech companies out there — across all of the various sectors. We've compiled all 15 of our software engineer job postings into a word cloud to see which skills are the most prominently widespread across all of our different jobs. This keyword analysis will give us a full-scale picture of the most commonly expected skills that you need to land a ClimateTech software job.

This quick little experiment provided us with the top 500 words that appear across our 15 job descriptions.

We then turned our word list into a cute little engineer, because why not? The larger and heavy-weighted words are the ones that show up most frequently.

We went through the word cloud above and got rid of the filler words to compile a list of the top skills/experiences that are mentioned throughout our software engineering job posts.

Top Skills:

  • Data (62 mentions)
  • Software (51 mentions)
  • Climate (33 mentions)
  • Engineering (64 mentions)
  • Cloud (17 mentions)
  • AWS (13 mentions)
  • Code (13 mentions)
  • Python (10 mentions)
  • Node.js (10 mentions)
  • Communication (8 mentions)
  • Front-end (8 mentions)
  • Mission-driven (8 mentions)
  • Programming (8 mentions)
  • Typescript (7 mentions)
  • Collaboration (6 mentions)
  • Geospatial (6 mentions)
  • Machine learning (6 mentions)
  • Java (4 mentions)
  • Optimization (4 mentions)
  • React (4 mentions)
  • Terraform (4 mentions)

So, as you can see, there is a significant overlap between the skills that our clients are hiring for. If you're a software engineer who is looking for a climate role, these are the top 21 words that you should ensure are in your LinkedIn profile. You can stuff these words into your headline, overview, experiences, and skills tags — the more you can fit, the better!

This is a small-scale experiment for climate software engineers, however, we encourage everyone to follow these steps to optimize their LinkedIn profile regardless of industry. This is also a great tool for determining which skills you should sharpen up on prior to applying.

Follow these easy-to-digest steps to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for keyword searches and see the recruiters flock to you!

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! The Climate People team has years of experience working directly with hiring managers and would be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

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