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WEBINAR: How to Make Your Job a Climate Job

Interested in making your job a climate job? Here's how + the Q&A we didn't have time to answer live.

WEBINAR: How to Make Your Job a Climate Job


Q: Myth or reality: in most cases, transitioning to a climate job means taking a pay cut?

A: Myth! There is a significant amount of funding in this space ($64b climate investment in 2022), and all the companies we work with pay competitively. Many climate companies also offer equity and other benefits.

Q: How can I find an employer that aligns with my values outside of climate action or sustainability?

A: Green jobs board features some social impact jobs that aren't explicitly climate/ enviro focused -,

Q: Is there a place for qualitative data researchers instead of quant? Those with interviewing and focus group skills. What kind of job titles would be viable for these types of professionals?

A: This depends on your background, but there are jobs for those in qualitative research. I’d recommend scouring the various climate slack groups (Work on Climate & MCJ Collective) and finding someone with a similar career trajectory and networking with them.

Q: Which sub-areas of green jobs are expanding? And how much of that would you say depends on government support (IRA, for example)? For Ben or anyone else who might wanna take it.

A: Here are the predicted growth sectors in climate, as defined by Project Drawdown. So much innovation in this space is fueled by VCs and private investment. The IRA will be substantial, but growth is not limited to government support. 

Q: How do I find my niche in the environmental space?

A: One great resource I like is a book called “Good Work: How to Build a Career that Makes a Difference in the World,” by Shannon Houde. Another great way is through networking conversations, meeting people, learning about their work, and paving your interests based on this knowledge. Here’s a blog on how to properly network in the climate space. 

Q: I’m a podcast producer by trade and want to do climate work full-time. What’s your advice for pitching something like that to climate companies that may not be doing it?

A: You should check out the work that Pique Action does, they make microdocumentaries on climate change — it seems like a similar vein of work. Make Peas Not Beef podcast, by Lilly Tong, does an incredible job compellingly telling climate stories! I always recommend starting by outlining the pain point and how your company/service can offer solutions. 

Q: We talked a lot about everyone’s job is a geen job. How do you move from a green job - side job to full time job? What would that look like?

A: One great resource I like is a book called “Good Work: How to Build a Career that Makes a Difference in the World,” by Shannon Houde. Another good resource is the Work on Climate slack community. Climate People has done three other webinars on this very topic, you can find them here. 

Q: As a communications professional, I would like to know are there some online courses to learn the art of storytelling, that would help in ehancing the organisation's branding better.

A: I don't have a private course, but I consult on this and have a community space with resources/ support: LinkedIn Learning also has a lot of incredible resources for storytelling! 

Q: I understand the goal is to breakdown the barriers in terms of skill set required for any person to transition to a climate job, are there any specific skills, certifications you recommend would help find a climate job for someone who is looking to make a transition?

A: Climate People has done three other webinars on this very topic, you can find them here. 

Q: Do you think the sustainability roles will be available in medium organizations?

A: Absolutely! Every company — regardless of size — needs to be concerned about its sustainability efforts in today’s market. If the company isn’t considering sustainability, you can use your voice as an employee to implement change! As Ben mentioned in the webinar, many people create their ESG roles simply by voicing concerns and initiating those conversations. 

Q: Equity, diversity, and inclusion are hot topics these days, to the point of becoming buzzwords.  For all of the improvement in ensuring skin colors and ethnicities are represented, that genders and sexual orienations of all types are included, over and over and over again, older people are categorically NOT represented.  Literally everyone in this space is <45 years old.  Have you all thought about how your organizations represent themselves publicly in this regard?  And have you reviewed your position announcements with an eye toward this - in my view - overlooked diversity area?

A: You bring up a great point! This is an excellent view to raise to any employer and ensure that your company accounts for diversity in all ways, shapes, and forms. 

Q: Any tips on how to promote sustainability programs or awareness at an earlier stage tech startup, where sustainability may not be a focus for the company in the short or even medium term?

A: The important thing is to start having the conversations and see where everyone is. You never know where those discussions are going to lead. Once you know what people are passionate about, the company might sponsor projects that employees are passionate about.

Q: I believe storytelling is critical to the success of any climate/sustainability/blue economy company. Any advice on why I’m not finding roles for senior creative marketers. Climate recruiters/recruiting agencies, and numerous companies I’ve contacted don’t seem to be hiring for storytelling/brand/creative.

A: Many climate companies are start-ups and tend to hire hard tech positions first to ensure they have a well-functioning product and then hire more supporting roles later. I’d recommend checking out the TOFU community by Alder and CO marketing agency, they offer a lot of support for marketing professionals looking to get into this space. 

Q: Hey guys. I recently launched "Glassdoor for sustainability" called ESGentle. Any marketing channels / groups you would recommend?

A: I would recommend checking out Work on Climate, MCJ Collective, and Climate Action Tech!

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