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What is ClimateTech and How Do I Get Involved?

For those technologies to be created, marketed, distributed, and ultimately widely spread, we need the right people behind the wheel (of an electric vehicle, of course).

What is ClimateTech and How Do I Get Involved?

I Have The Passion, How Do I Get Started?

If you have found yourself on our job board, pursuing environmental job positions on countless career sites, searching for sustainability LinkedIn groups, or generally networking within the climate space — the odds are that you are already taking initiative to help combat our world’s rising emission levels.

However, it can oftentimes be tricky to get your foot in the door in the ever-adapting and developing ClimateTech space. At Climate People, we believe that one of the most important keys to combating climate change is rooted in technological advances. For those technologies to be created, marketed, distributed, and ultimately widely spread, we need the right people behind the wheel (of an electric vehicle, of course).

The team at Climate People works diligently to network and collaborate with both individual and corporate leaders within the ClimateTech realm. With an optimistic outlook, advocating for diversity and inclusion, and with a sense of urgency — we place top talent in leading roles that actively decarbonize the global economy.

So ... What Even is ClimateTech?

Due to its recent emergence and rapidly changing landscape, there are countless definitions of ClimateTech. Here at Climate People, we break the term up into three unique specifications — carbon mitigation, adaptation, and sequestration.

All of the technology that actively works to alleviate carbon in the atmosphere falls into the mitigation sector. Whereas technology that works to help reduce the inevitable harms of climate change fall into the adaptation category. Lastly, technology that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere falls into the carbon sequestration bracket.

Essentially, any technological service — whether that be software as a service, a web-based tool, a physical satellite, etc. — that works to eliminate/remove or reduce the harms of these emissions can be considered a ClimateTech product. These innovative technologies can be industry specific or more general. Climate People is fueled by the direct impact that we are making, therefore, we funnel most of our efforts into the mitigation sector.

Our team works to decarbonize production, reduce waste, and rewrite the traditional framework of the following sectors:

  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Transportation/Mobility
  • Food/Agriculture
  • Built Environment
  • Energy/Grid

We also prioritize carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission tracking systems in our Carbon Solutions and Climate Systems sectors.

What Does This Mean For Me?

As time goes on and the weighing effects of climate change hone in, we will see a significant demand increase within this niche sector. As a recruitment firm, we stay up to date in the space and collaborate with the leading companies who are hiring and individual talent who are job searching.

Peruse our current job openings, submit a job spec, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, follow us on social media, and feel free to send us an email with any questions that you may have.

We are confident that with a start-up mentality, environmentally-driven individuals and sustainability-forward companies can combine forces to create products that not only generate quality results, but transform the entire industry itself.

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