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Your Guide to Climate Career Coaches

Explore the world of career coaching with a new lens. Meet professionals who dedicate their careers to helping you get a job in climate.

Your Guide to Climate Career Coaches

Navigate Your Climate Career Journey with a Climate Coach

As the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent, many professionals are seeking ways to make an individual impact by getting a job in climate. This shift has given rise to a new breed of career coaches who specialize in climate-specific career advice. As with any emerging industry, the climate career space can be quite difficult to navigate. From the importance of networking to showing your unique passion for climate, there are lots of factors to consider when finding a job in this space. This article curates a list of such career coaches who are eager to help you kickstart your climate career journey intentionally and on the right foot.


Meet Anya Lamb, an experienced career coach with a passion for empowering individuals to find their path in climate or other values-aligned work. After spending over a decade in tech, specifically product management and marketing, Anya felt the call to shift her focus towards addressing climate change. Her journey led her to complete the On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship, consult with several climate tech startups, and later serve as the Director of Product at Dashboard.Earth, an app.

Anya's approach is centered on helping clients tap into their inner wisdom, crafting a vision for a meaningful life, and establishing habits and support systems that promote growth. As a former talent agent with job search startup Placement, Anya offers tactical job search guidance, including resume reviews, interview practice, and networking tips.

Specializing in supporting mid-career women transitioning towards more values-aligned or entrepreneurial roles, Anya's coaching services are tailored to the needs of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. For those interested in exploring what working together might look like, Anya offers a free 30-minute exploratory chat.

Discover more about her transformative coaching services at With Anya, you're not just finding a career—you're embracing a purpose.


Meet Chris Gaither, a co-founder of Regenerous. With his extensive experience in driving large-scale change and replenishing the energy of senior sustainability leaders, Chris is a guiding force in the field of regenerative leadership. He has served on the coaching faculty at Alphabet's innovation lab, X, and supported leaders at renowned companies such as Apple, Google, Levi Strauss, Airbnb, and Daily Harvest. Prior to his coaching career, Chris was the director of strategy and engagement for Apple’s environmental team, where he oversaw global programs that reached millions of customers. His rich background also includes senior communications roles at Apple and Google, and a decade covering Silicon Valley for prestigious publications like the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Los Angeles Times.

Abby Sturges, another co-founder of Regenerous, brings to the table her expertise as an executive coach, facilitator, and culture design consultant. Abby helps senior leaders find their authentic style, dream big, and maximize their impact. Her two decades of experience founding a mission-driven startup, leading Agile transformations for Fortune 500 clients, building human-centered design teams within tech organizations, and studying design at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon have equipped her with a unique approach to leadership development. Abby combines her product development experience and action-oriented mindset with soft skills and intuition, guiding leaders towards clarity and confidence.

Their Focus:

At Regenerous, they specialize in supporting corporate sustainability teams and leaders in C-suites of sustainability-focused startups. They understand the unique challenges sustainability leaders face and aim to help them meet their ambitious goals through systems-level work. They are passionate about guiding clients to learn and practice regenerative leadership, drawing on the wisdom of nature to inform their approach to leadership.

Their Services:

Regenerous offers a wide array of services, including keynote talks and workshops on regenerative leadership, avoiding burnout, and strategic alignment. They provide 1:1 executive coaching to elevate individual leadership, and team effectiveness coaching and culture consulting to unlock the collective brilliance and power of full teams.

Connect with Chris and Abby on LinkedIn and visit the Regenerous website to learn more about their transformative work in the field of sustainability leadership.


Claudia Geratz is a Positive Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator working with Changemakers and impact teams on building resilience, harnessing their strengths and cultivating hope in a changing world. She is the creator of Find Your Climate Career, a 6-week community-focused learning course for aspiring Changemakers. She regularly hosts virtual Climate Cafés, a compassionate listening space for climate-conscious people.

Claudia worked in the Tech industry for 20 years holding senior customer-facing roles, before becoming a Positive Psychologist and a climate-conscious coach for individuals, leaders and teams. In her role as a coach, she has helped over 650 people to create more meaningful careers that are aligned to their strengths and values, with a strong emphasis on sustainable mental fitness and wellbeing.

She holds a MSc in Positive and Coaching Psychology, is a Senior Accredited Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance and the Climate Psychology Alliance. Her coaching approach harnesses the transformational power of Positive Psychology, the science of human thriving, and draws from a range of coaching frameworks including cognitive-behavioural coaching, systems thinking, creative facilitation with LEGO, movement and activating the body-mind-connection. She expertly helps her clients discover their unique strengths and how they can harness them to create an inspiring climate career with confidence. When working with leaders and founders she draws heavily on positive leadership theory to empower the new generation of regenerative leaders to create and sustain positive impact for themselves and their teams and communities.

She is a passionate advocate for restoring our connection to nature as a driver for wisdom, confidence, and inspiration. Mother Nature is part of her coaching practice, either through walk-and-talk coaching or in creative ways through visualization exercises, sketching or using natural objects in online coaching conversations.

She works with aspiring and established Changemakers globally. Book a free chemistry session with Claudia to explore how she can support you in your climate career.


Dr. Joseph Gelfer, an esteemed figure in the realm of climate solutions, is the founder of Ecotopian Careers. This innovative platform is a beacon of hope for those seeking to transition their careers towards a more sustainable future. As our world grapples with the escalating climate crisis, there is a pressing need for professionals who can contribute to the green economy, and Ecotopian Careers is here to guide that transition.

As the convener of the Work and Careers group at the Climate Coaching Alliance and an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, Dr. Gelfer is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He works tirelessly with mid-career professionals across the U.S and Europe, guiding them on their journey to more eco-friendly roles.

The cornerstone of his work is the thoughtfully designed online course 'How to Make a Mid-Career Transition to a Green Job'. This comprehensive course serves as a roadmap for those keen on making a career switch, providing in-depth insights, industry knowledge, and practical guidance.

But Dr. Gelfer's support doesn't end with the course. He also provides personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, offering bespoke advice tailored to individual circumstances and career aspirations. Furthermore, he curates career advice and continuous learning opportunities, ensuring his clients are always at the forefront of industry developments.

Testimonials from individuals who have successfully made the transition to green jobs through Ecotopian Careers further underscore the effectiveness of Dr. Gelfer's approach. These stories of change and growth serve as an inspiration, encouraging others to take the leap towards a greener career.

To kickstart your journey, Dr. Gelfer generously offers a free eBook, '10 Steps to Switching to a Green Job in Mid-Career', to all subscribers of the Ecotopian Careers newsletter. This resource is an excellent starting point for anyone considering a career shift towards sustainability.

Beyond these services, Dr. Gelfer is building a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Together, they are driving the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

For more information or to begin your journey towards a green career, reach out to Dr. Gelfer directly at or visit Join the ranks of those making a tangible impact in the fight against climate change. Your career can be more than just a job; it can be a part of the solution.


Meet Kat, your climate career coach with a twist. Based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Kat began her career as an actor before transitioning into the world of recruitment. Her unique journey from the stage to the corporate sector sparked a deep-rooted passion for helping others navigate their own career transitions.

With half a decade of experience under her belt, Kat has become a trusted recruiter in the SaaS, Tech, and Climate industries. She has a knack for putting candidates first, having worked closely with startups to develop recruiting processes that prioritize the candidate experience.

Kat is also the proud founder of Jellicorse Talent Solutions, a company dedicated to hiring for clients in SaaS, Tech, and Climate sectors. But Kat's expertise doesn't stop at recruitment. She offers invaluable career coaching for job seekers, providing guidance on everything from resume writing and cover letters to LinkedIn optimization and networking best practices - all from a seasoned recruiter’s perspective!

At the heart of Kat's approach is a genuine understanding of the challenges and excitement that come with career transitions. She offers tailored one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on your specific needs and aspirations. Many of her candidates turn into lifelong friends, testament to her warm, supportive approach.

When she's not helping others achieve their career dreams, Kat channels her creativity into songwriting and singing karaoke. Whether you're a job seeker passionate about the future or a company looking for top talent, Kat is here to guide, support, and cheer you on every step of the way. Reach out to Kat here to kickstart your journey!


Meet Katharina Hellmann, a life coach with a unique mission. After reading the 2018 IPCC report, Katharina was struck by climate anxiety. However, she used this as a catalyst for change. She transformed her lifestyle, becoming a minimalist and sustainable living expert, and started advocating for systemic change. This journey led her to her true passion - coaching others to transform their own lives and contribute to a better world.

Katharina believes in aligning one's career with their values, passions, and strengths. Her coaching focuses on uncovering clients' true identities, helping them overcome obstacles like anxiety and self-doubt, and empowering them to make their unique contribution to the world. With experience working with all roles and seniority levels, Katharina is ready to guide anyone eager to make a difference through their work.

For more about Katharina and her services, visit her website here or follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn. She offers a free 30-minute strategy session, which you can book here. For those interested in reducing their carbon footprint, check out Katharina’s free guide here.


Laurie McGinley is a climate career coach with more than three decades of experience. With a knack for guiding people powerfully and quickly towards their dreams, Laurie has aided hundreds, possibly thousands, in making significant life changes. Her expertise lies in working with individuals and companies committed to climate solutions—those who are decarbonizing the built environment, developing fully renewable energy grids, and creating everyday necessities sustainably.

Whether you're a global leader ready to effect massive change, an ambitious founder of a climate-focused startup, or a professional seeking to apply your experience towards climate solutions, Laurie has programs to help you reach those seemingly elusive goals.

Having switched careers seven times by the age of 43, Laurie is no stranger to change. She specializes in helping job seekers navigate the complexities of career transitions, boasting a robust network within the climate sector. Her services are relevant across all skill levels and areas of focus, making her an inclusive and accessible guide for anyone looking to make a big change.

Fearless and supportive, Laurie's mission is to show you that help is closer than you think. Check out her website here and listen to her podcast here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.


Meet Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, a dedicated and passionate Green Career Advisor. She has made it her mission to help individuals find their green career fit and to secure their dream green jobs. In addition, she lends her expertise to universities and other organizations by providing green career and job search workshops and supporting programs that increase diversity in the environmental field.

Lisa's clientele ranges from students and recent graduates, to experienced environmental professionals seeking their next gig, to career changers. She also assists universities and other organizations by offering green career workshops.

Her comprehensive range of career coaching services includes helping clients figure out green careers that are a fit, job & internship searches, LinkedIn profile makeovers, networking via LinkedIn, resume & cover letter reviews. She also offers interview preparation and salary negotiation guidance.

Lisa has had the privilege of leading the graduate career office at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability for 10 years and working as an environmental professional at the National Wildlife Federation for 12 years. Additionally, she has collaborated with renowned programs and institutions such as the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars, the Association for Outdoor Recreation + Education, the Green Program, the Environmental Leadership Program, and the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

To learn more about her services, visit: and sign up for a free 30-minute initial consultation.

For more insight into her background and experiences, feel free to explore her LinkedIn Profile and connect with her via LinkedIn.


Radhika Bhatt is a dynamic career coach with a unique blend of experience in user experience design, partnerships development, community building, and program management. After making significant strides in government, non-profit, and social impact organizations, she pivoted to career coaching two years ago. Today, her clientele comes from renowned platforms like General Assembly and

Radhika’s coaching style is comprehensive and personalized. She guides career changers through the labyrinth of job search during challenging market conditions, helping them secure roles in climate, technology, and social impact sectors. Her process covers everything from identifying your goals, exploring the industry landscape, defining your skills, finding intriguing roles, growing your network, landing a role or starting a venture, building confidence, and taking action.

Radhika's coaching approach draws on human-centered design, emergent strategy, multisolving, empathetic storytelling, and co-active coaching principles. These strategies are designed to help you navigate and pursue a purposeful career that brings balance to your life.

When she's not coaching, Radhika is passionately involved in regenerative agriculture and food justice work in Richmond, Virginia. She's also in the process of creating an exciting project that intertwines environmental justice, music, and dance.

Radhika specializes in working with early, mid-level, and senior professionals who are looking to transition industries or roles. She also offers support to those re-entering the workforce after a break, or those whose ultimate goal may not be securing a job in the climate sector.

Her sweet spot is working with individuals beginning their climate job search or those needing to rejuvenate their job search strategies. She thrives in assisting people who have experienced burnout in their careers or job search, and are pivoting to climate roles in pursuit of planetary, self, or community healing.

To learn more about Radhika and her services, visit her LinkedIn profile or find out about her Career Coaching services here.

If you're interested in working with Radhika, please fill out this form. She carefully evaluates each potential client to ensure a good fit. Please note that her current roster is full but will open up again in October 2023.

With Radhika as your coach and accountability partner, you'll be able to create a job search strategy that inspires, energizes, and motivates you to do the world-changing work you want to do.

In the face of the climate crisis, these career coaches are leading the charge by instilling sustainability into the very fabric of our professional lives. They are helping individuals find meaningful and fulfilling careers that also contribute positively to our environment. By choosing to work with a career coach who understands the importance of climate consciousness, you're not just making a career move - you're making a stand for the planet. Whether you're at the start of your career or looking to pivot, consider how your profession can contribute to the solution, not the problem.


Sharmila Singh has been a sustainability professional for over 14 years helping companies develop and implement successful sustainability strategies in the areas of waste management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water reuse. Sharmila supports clients in implementing Zero Waste practices, B Corp Certifications, and ESG reporting strategies. Supporting companies to get Green Teams off the ground, she has helped to launch climate initiatives and recruit for both director and entry-level positions.

Finding her true calling meant landing on a career that combines business strategy while making an impact in the world. It was this journey that charged a desire to help others discover career paths that bring them deep joy and fulfillment. Sharmila is the founder of Green Lens Consulting and for the past 6 years has been leading workshops and coaching clients in self-discovery, leadership, and career development.

Sharmila helps professionals who are striving to work for mission-aligned companies and those who are ready to advance in the field. She uses frameworks and techniques to help her clients build an authentic online presence, design effective resumes, network, and master interviewing skills. Sharmila hosts a sustainability webinar series called, "Green Lens Career Stories" where she interviews professionals in the field to speak to their areas of expertise and personal career journey.

Here are the best ways to get in touch:
Send a connection request and message her via LinkedIn:
Email her at:
Visit her website at:

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