Transforming the built environment through carbon-negative construction, making our buildings more energy efficient and support more equitable and healthier communities.

According to Project Drawdown, the building sector accounts for roughly 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year. The materials we use in our buildings, the process of constructing the structures, and the eventual demolition of the infrastructure all release harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we release even more emissions from heating and cooling our buildings.

The challenges in this sector are three fold — we must address refrigerants, shift our energy sources, and create more energy-efficient solutions. We can significantly reduce building emissions through improvements to energy optimization, retrofits to existing buildings, replacing fossil fuel energy sources, and replacing polluting refrigerants.

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  • Construction

    Project Managers, Engineers, Superintendent

  • Thermal & Geothermal Engineers

  • Software Engineers

    Building automation, smart thermostats, embedded systems

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    Electrical, HVAC, Heat pump, Geothermal