Take your climate job search to the next level 🤩

​Climate People's one-stop-shop climate career crash course is a 4-hour workshop designed to give you the tools to excel in your climate job search! Think of it as a condensed climate cohort with less time and financial commitment without sacrificing value.

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What makes our course different? 🤔

​All the insights shared in our bootcamp are proven tactics, straight from the source and from a cutting-edge recruitment agency at the forefront of climate hiring.

4-Hour Commitment

We get it, the job search is time consuming as it is. Our workshop is specifically designed with your time in mind. All you need is one 1/2 day!


Many of the climate career resources out there cost upwards of $2,000 - our course is a fraction of the price ($125) without compromising value.


Tired of bouncing between guides, webinars, and resources only to feel like like you've hit a dead end? Our crash course gives you all the info in one place!

Not convinced? Let's chat about your needs! 💭

Grab a time on our calendar to ask any questions you have about the program!

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See What People are Saying

"When I was looking to transition into climate tech, I really didn't know where to turn. That is, until I stumbled across Natalie Lavery's work with Climate People. I attended several webinars hosted by Natalie where I was able to network with fellow climate job seekers while also learning about different facets of the industry, effective job search advice, and even actionable tips on how to rethink my cover letters. The content and webinars that Natalie produced not only made it possible for me to secure a job in the climate space, but also made me feel so welcome as I entered this new chapter."

Marketing at Leading Energy Company

Early in the job-searching process, I read Climate People's blog post on finding a job in the climate industry. I found it very insightful and appreciated the insider information it shared, so I reached out to Natalie Lavery to extend my gratitude for sharing something that felt actionable and helpful. She very generously replied with an offer to meet and talk about my job search.We had a bang-up time connecting and talking about how she got her role at Climate People and what I was looking for in the future.I applied for the WorkOnClimate role and, doing my due diligence for a role i really wanted, checked out their “people” section to see if i had any first or second degree connections I had one.the executive director, Eugene Kirpichov, was a second-degree connection through - you guessed it, Natalie.

Felix Nguyen-Dalton
Program Manager at Work on Climate

A quick rundown on the agenda


1) Finding Your Climate Pathway
2) Perfecting Your Application Materials
3) Networking and Mastering Connections
4) Interviewing and Getting Started


Our numbers say it all 📈

We've helped a lot of people land jobs in climate! Our free resources have skyrocketed over the past few years and we wanted to take those one step further and make even more of an impact for job seekers!


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We know what job seekers need

FIND your dream job💭

Don't waste time going about the climate job search incorrectly - register for our bootcamp and learn how to approach it strategically.


Job searching on your own is complicated 🤯

We know finding your next role is stressful - we're here to help! Have any questions? We have the answers.

How do I know if the bootcamp is right for me?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and want a one-stop-shop to streamline your search, our crash course is right for you! If you have any questions or want to talk to us about if it's a fit for you, feel free to grab 15 minutes on Natalie's calendar.

What will I walk away with?

Tangibly you will walk away with templates, resources, session recordings, and guides. More importantly, you will leave with a solid launching point, actionable next steps, concrete goals, and the confidence that you need to excel in your climate job search.

How is this different than your free resources? 

Our free resources are the building blocks for this crash course. The information we deliver in this workshop takes our free resources one step further and is full of tailored insights that you cannot find elsewhere.

What if I can't afford it?

We offer scholarships for those who can't afford the $125 price tag. Send us an email at info@climatepeople.com to discuss the options. We want everyone to have access to a career in climate!