Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture and ways to sustainably produce food

Food and Agriculture

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Got (oat) milk?

The way we currently approach agriculture requires a great deal of land, harms ecosystems, and is waste-centric.

According to Project Drawdown, the Food, Agriculture, and Land Use (FALU) sector account for roughly 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year.

The challenges in this sector are threefold — we must address changing agricultural practices, waste, and human diet in order to protect our ecosystems. By addressing food waste, shifting our diets, and making sure we eat what is grown, we can dramatically reduce emissions and lower farm inputs and land clearing.

Additionally, by shifting our farming practices to regenerative and protecting our ecosystems, we can enhance food production, improve soil health, and keep carbon in the ground.

Opportunities for Innovation

Regenerative and Precision Agriculture, Indoor and Vertical Farming, Alternative Proteins