Industry and Manufacturing

Industry and Manufacturing

Decarbonize the entire lifecycle of the production of goods

Industry and Manufacturing

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From clothes to cars — how everything is created. This is inclusive of the entire process from raw material extraction through manufacturing.

According to Project Drawdown, the industry sector accounts for roughly 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year and is the hardest sector to decarbonize.

Traditionally, this sector operates in a “linear” fashion but to achieve net-zero emissions it needs to be “circular.” In a linear economy, we extract materials from the earth, create products, and then throw them out as waste. A circular economy takes a look at the entire lifecycle of the product to keep it in use, regenerating the natural system, and inevitably reducing waste.

This sector also requires the use of heat intensive and energy-consuming machines to operate leading to an excess of carbon in the atmosphere.

The solutions in this sector include improving materials, reducing waste, and enhancing efficiency.

Opportunities for Innovation

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