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Devika Knafo's “Get Hired” Packet

Our ClimateTech recruiter, Devika Knafo, shares some of her most promising resources for landing a job in climate.

Devika Knafo's “Get Hired” Packet

Get Hired Packet

Not a day goes by where ambitious job seekers aren’t reaching out to us asking for help getting a job in climate. People are concerned about the dire state of our planet and want to take action. The jobs are there, the funding is prominent, the growth trajectory is spiking, and there is a desperate need for talent.

All of this makes it increasingly evident that the problem doesn't lie within the incentive or the demand, it’s rooted in a lack of communication. Climate communication is a hot topic that is becoming heavily explored in recent months. There seems to be a significant information gap that limits people’s access to climate resources if they are not already part of the climate community.

In order to address this awareness gap, we launched a survey. Our “Barriers to Working on Climate” survey aims to pinpoint what exactly is preventing people from taking the leap into climate.

One of the earliest findings — alongside a distrust in working for a startup — points to this lack of awareness in the space. In an attempt to mitigate this lack of information, we asked one of our ClimateTech recruiters, Devika Knafo, for some of her most promising resources for landing a job in climate.

Meet Devika

Excited to learn more about climate change as a global challenge, stay connected with thousands of leaders, and remain informed in an evolving market, she has taken a deep dive into Green Tech as an impactful step in her career. Seeing challenging climate problems and innovative possibilities from a promising perspective, Devika is compelled to advance and connect top talent with groundbreaking development opportunities.

Devika is one of Climate People’s Tech recruiters. She has always been tied to the business world throughout her upbringing and education to grow her understanding and appreciation for different perspectives and world views. This motivated her to pursue this avenue further in the realm of sustainability and environmental research allowing her to explore her sense of creative thinking and curiosity around Food Security and Urban Design of green spaces in Washington, DC.

Motivated by joining a diverse recruiting team working to evolve and strengthen innovation in the climate space, Devika works with dozens of candidates a week and sees first-hand the demand for highly-skilled tech talent in the ever-expansive ClimateTech industry.

Devika’s Recommended Resources For Job Seekers:

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Climate Action Tech
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Earthshot Labs

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She also recommends listening and/or watching:
My Climate Journey Podcast
TED Climate
(don’t) Waste Water!
America Adapts
Climate Conversations
Kiss the Ground - Netflix

Her Top Job-Searching Advice
Just apply (even if you don’t think you’re qualified)! We have dozens of clients and even if your resume doesn't line up with the job you directly applied for, we will share your resume with other companies. It’s been proven time and time again that people tend to undersell their skills in the job market. Rather than focusing on what you don’t bring to the table, sell what you do have and submit that application!

Check out her resources and don’t hesitate to reach out to her at if you have any questions or want more guidance!

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