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Driven By Impact, Edition 16: September 2022

Driven By Impact is Climate People's monthly newsletter focusing on news, insights, and action-packed resources. Read for all of September's updates.

Driven By Impact, Edition 16: September 2022
The first of many interviews from #ClimateWeekNYC! Hear from Aiyana Bodi from Drawdown Labs.

Edition 16: September 2022

A Note from Our CEO on Climate Week 2022

Last week several members of the Climate People team attended Climate Week NYC. This annual event brings together influential leaders in climate action from businesses, governments, academia, and the climate community.

The theme of the week was all about “Getting It Done.” It was a celebration of climate action, challenging everyone to do more, exploring ways to drive greater ambition, and providing a platform to increase collaboration, connection, and discussion.

It was an incredible week.

The reality of human-caused climate change is all around us. It’s impossible to ignore and yet the solutions are at hand to combat these problems. Overwhelmingly, the leaders we met were all about solutions.

Looking for a career change to work on climate? Read on!


Brendan Andersen
Founder and CEO

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Looking to make the jump? Here are some of the top resources to help you transition your career to focus on climate solutions.

Climate People News

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→Climate People's investment in our team and the planet. We're partnering with Carbon Collective.

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Monthly Must-Haves

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Some in-person collaboration during Climate Week NYC


Collaboration and coordination emerged as a critical theme in nearly all of the sessions at Climate Week.

There is no magic bullet to solve climate change, but through increased collaboration across all stakeholder groups, we can address the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

Dose of Optimism

→ Back to Climate Week... Matt Myers hosted a Climate Tech Cocktails event during Climate Week NYC that had 1,200 RSVPs. That's a lot of people who are stoked to work on climate solutions.The more people we have working on climate, the brighter all of our futures will be!

Hot Jobs


A remote-first employer that collaborates with organizations and provides support to achieve their ESG goals.


A well-funded start-up that is working towards decarbonizing the food supply chain.


90% of goods move across the world in shipping. A company that is building products to help make our oceans more environmentally friendly.


Transform complex enterprise ESG commitments into measurable results with a software platform that uses powerful predictive models to explore new ways of presenting interfaces within immersive, stimulating 3D visual environments, to see where best practices can be used to reduce emissions in product supply chains.


Revolutionize complex climate science for customers across financial services and enterprise corps using this SaaS platform to provide asset-level historic and predictive analytics on climate physical risks and adaptation. Using deep learning techniques to transform climate models, satellite, and geospatial data, they've created a one-stop-shop for physical climate risk & emissions insights, via a cloud-native analytics product.


Start reducing your carbon footprint in weeks, not years. Fortune 500 enterprises use this powerful tool to measure, reduce, remove, and report their carbon emissions. Join and scale world-class engineering teams that power business value creation, regulatory compliance, and global climate impact.


Here are some of our top pre-vetted and mission-driven candidates. If you're interested in someone, click request information on the anonymous profile and we will make an introduction!


Machine learning and data science leader, focused on developing and deploying high-impact predictive capabilities. Highly varied career provides insight into full end-to-end pipeline necessary to deliver ML/data science projects. Experience includes problem definition and planning, data acquisition and architecture, analysis, visualization, predictive modeling, validation, deployment, and monitoring. They are on a mission to leverage these skillset within whatever opportunities provide the most direct impact in the fight against climate change.


Servant leader with 6+ years of experience leading backend, platform and infrastructure teams while previously employed at Palantir Technologies. This candidate holds an Ivy league BE in Electrical Engineering and is looking to use their software, leadership and engineering skills to fight climate change. They are particularly interested in software challenges that involve energy and grid issues, but they are open to explore other impactful areas where their skills can be put to use.


Experienced software/data engineer with a positive attitude and grit, focused on ML/AI with Python and open source development. Previous background working at NOAA, collaborating with climate scientists on publications related to drought monitoring and satellite data trend analysis.

That's all for this edition! Stay tuned for next month's roundup. Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!

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