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Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, and as a climate company, your hiring decisions can make a huge impact. That's why we're excited to launch our new Climate Hiring Playbook! It's packed with everything you need to know about finding, attracting, and hiring top climate talent.

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Driven By Impact, Edition 17: October 2022

Driven By Impact is Climate People's monthly newsletter focusing on news, insights, and action-packed resources. Read for all of October's updates.

Driven By Impact, Edition 17: October 2022

Driven By Impact 🌱

Edition 17: October 2022

The second of many interviews from #ClimateWeekNYC! Hear from Nicole Kelner and how she uses her art to inspire climate action!

Level up your Climate Job Search Webinar

Last week we hosted a webinar to help you optimize your climate job search. We had over 600 registrants and over 50 questions asked.



Thank you to everyone who came out and asked their burning questions! It's so inspiring to see hundreds of new faces looking to make a difference through their career. Stay tuned for more to come in this series.

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→ Hesitant about working at a start-up? Nicholas Comas explains why this type of work environment energizes him.

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→ We honored Indigenous Peoples Day on 10/10. Why climate justice is essential.

→ Climate connections. The VERGE conference is happening now!

❌ Every year there are more than 300 million tons of plastics made. 91% of this ends up in landfills.

❌ 3 trillion pounds of food waste decomposes anaerobically and releases methane emissions. This is the third largest emitter in the world.

Wait... this doesn't sound optimistic...

🌱 Meet Genecis:

Plastic without pollution! A solution to food waste and plastic! 🤔Pique Action, the creator of this video, just celebrated its one-year! Happy birthday, Pique. Keep up the incredible work! 🎂


Transform complex enterprise ESG commitments into measurable results with a software platform that uses powerful predictive models to explore new ways of presenting interfaces within immersive, stimulating 3D visual environments, to see where best practices can be used to reduce emissions in product supply chains.


Revolutionize complex climate science for customers across financial services and enterprise corps using this SaaS platform to provide asset-level historic and predictive analytics on climate physical risks and adaptation. Using deep learning techniques to transform climate models, satellite, and geospatial data, they've created a one-stop-shop for physical climate risk & emissions insights, via a cloud-native analytics product.


Start reducing your carbon footprint in weeks, not years. Fortune 500 enterprises, use this powerful tool to measure, reduce, remove, and report their carbon emissions. Join and scale world-class engineering teams that power business value creation, regulatory compliance, and global climate impact.


Build a product that is greatly increasing the speed at which renewable energy sources are deployed and connected to the grid by helping developers to identify suitable project locations and then automating the traditionally time-consuming testing and approval process on behalf of utility providers.

Here are some of our top pre-vetted and mission-driven candidates. If you're interested in someone, click request information on the anonymous profile and we will make an introduction!


Climate People is very excited to partner with this dynamic polyglot Software Engineer that is passionately seeking to bring their skills to address climate change.

We met this job seeker at Climate Week NYC as they were trying to learn as much about the problems that needed to be solved.

This candidate brings extensive backend engineering, platform, data engineering, and API development.


Senior Data Engineer out of a leading SaaS product company is looking to take their skills to the climate fight. They were a founding Data Engineer in their current team of now 5, where they co-architected a GCP-based enterprise data platform. Skilled in Python, GCP, AWS, Airflow, Terraform, and CI/CD. MS in CS with a concentration on ML from a top-tier engineering school.


An innovative forward-leaning leader with 20+ years of experience in developing and executing programs in cloud-native architecture, platform engineering, DevOps/SRE evolution, software engineering, high-performance computing, and data infrastructure. Hypothesis-driven and scaled agile practitioner with the proven ability to design, plan and deliver systems.


Brilliant and empathetic SRE Manager is looking to take their skills to the climate fight. This neuroscientist turned software engineer has a BA from UC Berkeley, and 10+ years of progressive software engineering, DevOps, and SRE work.

They thrive in a collaborative environment where they can solve complex problems and unlock the potential of an engineering team.

They have a strong preference for decarbonization solutions, particularly nature-based solutions, but they are open to working on any impactful climate solution where they can bring their whole selves.


Our candidate is a phenomenal Senior Product Manager/Strategist with a huge passion for the climate sector. They come with 7+ years of experience in solar, clean energy, and low-emission transportation at some of the most well-known companies in the transportation industry. They have experience working in a truly agile environment and have spent their career working with engineers and all other departments.

That's all for this edition! Stay tuned for next month's roundup. Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!

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