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Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time, and as a climate company, your hiring decisions can make a huge impact. That's why we're excited to launch our new Climate Hiring Playbook! It's packed with everything you need to know about finding, attracting, and hiring top climate talent.

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Driven By Impact, Edition 18: November 2022

Driven By Impact is Climate People's monthly newsletter focusing on news, insights, and action-packed resources. Read for all of November's updates.

Driven By Impact, Edition 18: November 2022

Driven By Impact 🌱

Edition 18: November 2022

Another one in our interview series from #ClimateWeekNYC! Hear from Gesina from Food for Climate League on the various entry points to climate.

It's a scary time to be in tech ...

According to NPR, more than 35,000 tech workers across 72 companies have been laid off this month, adding to a total of 120,000 tech jobs lost this year.

The once hyper-secure industry looks like it’s leaning in the opposite direction.

However, the ClimateTech industry doesn't fit into this mold.

According to Climate Tech Venture Capital, there was $64B of new dollars for climate in 2022 and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Alongside the millions of VC dollars that are flooding into the space, the Inflation Reduction Act has guaranteed $370 billion in climate spending — incentivizing new innovation and making it easier for companies to scale their solutions.

→ Today's Giving Tuesday. Join us in supporting these four 1% For The Planet nonprofits.

→ Outlining your job search 'why'! 3 things to include in your objective statement.

→ Laying the foundation for your technical job search. 5 steps to set your job search up for success.

→ Optimizing your tech resume. 5 must-haves to make your resume stand out.  

→ Looking for a climate job? Canary media put together a guide.

→ ClimateTech is still on the up and up. $64B of new dollars for climate in 2022

→ A single source for climate jobs. Check out Brown Girl Green's Green Job Board.

→ 4 challenges climate job seekers face. Climate People's Natalie Lavery will help facilitate Work on Climate's "Accelerate your Climate Career Journey" workshop.

CTVC points out 5 safety nets for climate companies in the midst of an impending recession:

🌞 Early stage tends to be safer, there is less pressure to raise additional funding and go public

🌞 There is less FAANG competition, more people are incentivized to work in climate

🌞 Less competition means more space for efficiently building

🌞 Government subsidies are being prioritized, climate funding is no longer only private

🌞 Employees are pressuring their companies to maintain corporate climate commitments


Ark Biotech is hiring its first SWE to build critical software to connect the brain of its modeling system to the bioreactor hardware. This is an amazing opportunity for a senior/lead-level engineer that has experience writing software for industrial automation or similar hardware applications.


Our client’s mission is to make farms more sustainable and profitable (goes hand in hand: sustainable farms are more profitable and more profitable farms are more sustainable). Their main vertical is ERP software for agriculture and they're looking for a Full Stack Developer.


Looking for a Data Scientist that has 3+ years of strong experience storing and processing geospatial processing data at scale with tools such as NetCDF, PostGIS, Zarr, HDF, GRIB, GeoTIFF, and/or GeoJSON.


A remote-first Climate Tech company with a unique model to reward partners who achieve their ESG goals is looking for a Staff Back End Engineer.

Here are some of our top pre-vetted and mission-driven candidates. If you're interested in someone, click request information on the anonymous profile and we will make an introduction!


Functional programming expert looking to re-enter the workforce with an impactful organization. Most known for building accurate, maintainable, and extensible code and determining architecture decisions. They carry a Ph.D. in Computer Science from an Ivy League institution and have worked in some of the bay's top technology companies over the last 10 years.


Climate People is very excited to partner with this dynamic polyglot Software Engineer that is passionately seeking to bring their skills to address climate change. We met this job seeker at Climate Week NYC as they were trying to learn as much about the problems that needed to be solved. This candidate brings extensive backend engineering, platform, data engineering, and API development.


Senior Data Scientist and ML Engineer with an MS from MIT and BS from UCLA. They have a strong background in geospatial data. They are looking for a role where they can build and develop new and creative models to solve hard problems that are climate-related.


Outstanding Senior Full-Stack Engineer coming from a leading clinical SaaS product company is looking to pivot to work on climate. This engineer has built web and mobile applications for FDA-approved treatments following HIPAA and FDA guidelines. They thrive in complex technical environments where high-quality code is expected. Strengths include JavaScript, React, React Native, TypeScript, Node, micro-services, and Postgres.


Brilliant and empathetic SRE Manager is looking to take their skills to the climate fight. This neuroscientist turned software engineer has a BA from UC Berkeley, and 10+ years of progressive software engineering, DevOps, and SRE work. They thrive in a collaborative environment where they can solve complex problems and unlock the potential of an engineering team. They have a strong preference for decarbonization solutions, particularly nature-based solutions, but they are open to working on any impactful climate solution where they can bring their whole selves.

That's all for this edition! Stay tuned for next month's roundup. Thanks for doing your part in mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate!

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