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How to Get a Job in Climate This Earth Day

In this blog post, we’ll explain what a climate job is and the various paths to getting one, as well as provide some of the best resources to guide your path.

How to Get a Job in Climate This Earth Day

Your Guide to Landing a Job in Climate

Picture this: it’s Earth Day 2024, and your LinkedIn feed is flooded with Climate Job content. You’re intrigued but confused! What even is a climate job? In this blog post, we’ll explain what a climate job is and the various paths to getting one, as well as provide some of the best resources to guide your path.

What is a Climate Job?

Before we dive into the details, here's a startling statistic: According to the International Labour Organization, the green economy will create 24 million new jobs globally by 2030. This rapid growth signals a shift and a significant leap towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly global job market.

There are two avenues we can explore here:

  1. Securing a role at a climate-focused company
  2. Transforming your current role into a climate job

Understanding Climate-Focused Companies

Due to its recent emergence and rapidly changing landscape, there are countless definitions of ClimateTech. Here at Climate People, we break the term up into three unique specifications — emissions reduction, climate adaptation, and carbon removal.

Essentially, any technological service — whether that be software as a service, a web-based tool, a physical satellite, etc. — that works to eliminate/remove or reduce the harms of carbon emissions can be considered a ClimateTech product. These innovative technologies can be industry-specific or more general.

Climate technologies work to decarbonize production, reduce waste, and rewrite the traditional framework of sectors such as Industry, Transportation, Food, Buildings, Energy, etc.

Climate isn't limited to a niche industry; it permeates every facet of the global economy. Instead of viewing climate-related jobs as a mere subset, consider them as a fundamental repositioning of the entire economic landscape. Companies focused on climate span various sectors like transportation, food, and construction, where every role contributes to lessening the effects of climate change. This perspective illuminates the array of opportunities across industries, levels, and fields. Climate-related roles encompass marketing, sales, engineering, and other disciplines.

The vast majority of climate jobs are at start-up companies and can look very different than traditional industries - making the search a bit nuanced.

  • “I advocate for approaching a transition to the climate sector as you would any career shift,” Natalie Lavery, head of marketing at Climate People, points out, adding that, “Just as a healthcare startup doesn't require a healthcare degree for marketing roles, working in a climate company doesn't mandate a specialized ‘green’ background.” - Forbes Article on Climate Jobs


  • If a company was working on a flood detection sensor the engineers, manufacturers, marketers, and technicians would all be working climate jobs.
  • Similarly, if a start up was building a AI Weather Prediction Software, the product managers, sales professionals, business development people, and the customer success representatives would all be in climate jobs — it’s not just limited to the people working on the hard science behind the solution.

Making your job a climate job

Not ready to jump ship to a startup? No problem

So, how can you make a climate impact through your career if you don’t want to leave your role?

It’s all about “making your job a climate job,” as coined by Project Drawdown.

Corporations hold a lot of power for the planet, and when internal stakeholders within a company advocate for climate action, it can be extremely beneficial for the planet.

Making your job a climate job can look like many things; it could be:

  • Starting/joining your company’s green team
  • Advocating for climate-friendly policies/actions
  • Transitioning to an ESG/Sustainability role within your same company/industry


  • Meet Drew Wilkinson! He co-founded Microsoft’s 10,000 member sustainability community. He took his non-climate job at a large tech company and implemented a grassroots sustainability program that inspired thousands of changemakers within the company. He now runs a consulting company, Climate Leadership Collective, focused on: employee engagement, culture and change, community building, green skilling, and leadership development.
  • Meet Ben Lai! Ben is a Product Manager/Software Engineer at LinkedIn. He has always been an environmental advocate but found himself professionally in big tech. Knowing that internal voices hold substantial power, he leveraged his connections within the company to become a regional lead of the Go Green Employee Group. While Ben might not have a traditional 'climate job' he's making strides for the climate movement but pushing a Fortune 500 company to become climate conscious. As part of his role, he undertakes several key responsibilities:
    • Orchestrating a diverse range of employee events
    • Inviting influential speakers to LinkedIn for enriching employee education
    • Overseeing the global Go Green Book Club
    • Facilitating employee participation to drive LinkedIn's sustainability objectives.

Resources for Transitioning Your Career to Climate

Resources for Making Your Job a Climate Job

The Path Forward

Climate jobs are nuanced and hard to navigate when you’re first introduced to the space. The climate job search looks starkly different than traditional searches. It’s a networking-heavy space that requires you to learn about solutions, narrow your scope, and make connections. However, with the right tools and a strong job-search philosophy, you can be sure that you’re setting your climate-focused search up for success.


Ready to take the next step? Explore our resources, join an upcoming webinar, and become part of a vibrant community eager to make every job a climate job. Together, we can turn the tide on climate change, one career move at a time.

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