Carbon Accounting

This week we're focusing on Carbon Accounting by highlighting Persefoni's incredible climate management accounting platform.

Carbon Accounting

Have you ever heard of the term ‘carbon footprint?’ In very simple terms, carbon accounting is a similar footprint analysis but scaled for corporations.

Carbon accounting is a wide range of practices that calculate how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are emitted by a company.

The world must come together to limit global temperature rise to pre-industrial levels if we want to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. Holding businesses accountable for their commitment to net-zero emissions is a monumental first step.

One of Climate People’s clients, Persefoni, is a climate management accounting platform that enables enterprises and financial institutions to meet regulatory climate disclosure requirements. Jesse Nikkel, Persefoni’s new Associate Director for Climate Solutions, said in his Climate People’s exit interview “In my previous role, I saw some concerns with companies using inaccurate baseline data and then achieving targets when their beginning data just wasn’t as accurate as it should've been.”

He’s eager to set Persefoni’s customers up with solid and correct baseline data from the very beginning so they can truly make an impact.

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