Climate Jobs

What's a climate job? Any job can be a climate job! Check out resources from Project Drawdown, Terra.Do, Regenerates, Work on Climate, My Climate Journey, and more for tips & tricks on making a direct impact on the planet through your career.

Climate Jobs

As a climate recruiting agency, we talk a lot about climate jobs. But, what even is a climate job?

At Climate People, our main focus is on ClimateTech jobs. Meaning, any technology that mitigates or reduces the harms of rising emissions. A role at any of these companies would be considered a climate job.

That being said, this week’s 1-Minute Climate Snippet revolves around the framework that every job is and can be a climate job.

Project Drawdown’s “Climate Solutions at Work” packet breaks down how employees at all companies can make their role a climate job. You don’t need a climate title to make concrete strides for the planet.

Are you involved in the food industry? How can you brainstorm ways to reduce food waste? Do you work in supply chain management? How can you source and distribute in more environmentally-friendly ways that support the circular economy (see week 8 for more info on this)?

This type of role makes just as much of an impact as someone who is working first-hand on climate solutions.

Check out countless resources from companies like, the regenerates, The Climate School, Work on Climate, My Climate Journey, Climate Action Tech, etc.

In order to combat the worsening effects of climate change, we need all hands on deck. What role can your role play?

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