ClimateTech Companies

For this week's 1-Minute Climate Snippet we're going back to the basics! We did a deep dive into ClimateTech companies in light of our "Barriers to Working on Climate" survey report release!

ClimateTech Companies

This week we’re going back to the basics. We talk about it a lot, but what exactly is a ClimateTech company?

Essentially, any company that creates a technology — whether that be software as a service, a web-based tool, a physical satellite, etc. — that works to eliminate/remove or reduce the harms of carbon emissions can be considered a ClimateTech product. These innovative technologies can be industry-specific or more general.

ClimateTech as an industry is ever-evolving, but we break it down into three buckets:

- Technology that actively works to alleviate carbon in the atmosphere. This includes advancements in energy/grid, food/agriculture, built environment, transportation/mobility, and industry/manufacturing.
- Check out companies like Li-Cycle, Zededa, Beyond Meat, Aquicore, Envelio, etc.

Climate Adaptation/Intelligence
- Technology that helps reduce the impact of the inevitable harms of climate change. This is inclusive of the climate systems sector.
- Check out companies like Salient Predictions, Jupiter Intelligence, Climate AI, Terrafuse AI, Climavision, etc.

Carbon Removal
- Technology that actively removes and/or stores carbon from the atmosphere. All advancements in the CarbonTech sector fall into this bucket.
- Check out companies like Aether Diamonds, Noya, Remora, Carbon Direct, etc.

Decarbonization, adaptation, and removal are not alternatives, all three need to be actively pursued to fully address the wide scope of climate change.

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