Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Our weekly 1-Minute Climate Snippet campaign defines complex ClimateTech concepts to break down Climate Communication barriers & get more people working on Climate Solutions. This week we're focusing on Distributed Energy Resources!

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

This week we’re focusing on DERs or Distributed Energy Resources! DERs are small-scale energy technologies that provide electric generation and/or storage capacity on a per-use basis.

DER units can be connected to the grid or serve as a stand-alone application. Some examples of DERs include solar panels, electric vehicles, HVAC systems, electric water heaters, grid advancements, and much more.

DERs provide many benefits in the grand scheme of things because they allow for a greater and more secure reliance on wind, solar, and other variable energy resources.

As we buckle up and prepare for the clean-energy revolution — powered in part by DERs — there are a few companies who are paving the way: EnergyHub, David Energy, Virtual Peaker, Scale MicroGrid Solutions, and Voltus.

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