Food Waste

37% of Food Waste happens in homes. 28% is from restaurants, businesses, & groceries Companies like ReFED, Food Recovery Network, ReGrained, Imperfect Foods, Shelf Engine, Spoiler Alert, and many more are addressing the organizational side of this waste.

Food Waste

According to the NRDC, up to 40 percent of the food in the United States is never eaten. The Washington Post equates this to ~$408 billion worth of food, grown on 18 percent of U.S. farmland with 4 trillion tons of water.

The food we waste is responsible for roughly 8 percent of global emissions. By reducing waste, we can limit the need for land and resources used to produce food and in turn prevent more greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.

37% of this waste happens in the home.

Experts recommend:
- Creating a list before shopping
- Only buy what you know you will need
- Organizing your fridge to remember exactly what you have
- Labeling your food with bought/expiration dates
- Composting as a last resort

28% of this food waste stems from restaurants, businesses, and grocery stores.

Companies like ReFED, Food Recovery Network, Regrained, Imperfect Foods, Shelf Engine, Spoiler Alert, and many more are taking a critical look at addressing the corporate side of food waste.

Limiting amounts of uneaten food is one of a few climate solutions that is essentially free but delivers countless financial, humanitarian, and environmental benefits.

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