MIT Climate & Energy Prize

The MIT Climate & Energy Prize competition seeks to move the world closer to net zero carbon emissions by empowering ambitious entrepreneurs to solve the world’s most difficult climate-related challenges.

MIT Climate & Energy Prize

Driving Innovation Towards a Greener Future: The MIT Climate & Energy Prize


Founded in 2007, the MIT Climate & Energy Prize, a distinguished competition has been at the forefront of empowering the next generation of climate and energy entrepreneurs. With the mission to steer the world closer towards net-zero carbon emissions, the MIT Climate & Energy Prize has become a pivotal platform for students across the globe to showcase their groundbreaking solutions to combat climate change.


The effects of climate change are here and they continue to worsen every day. Traditional energy sectors have long contributed to the bulk of global emissions, making the transition to sustainable energy sources a critical challenge. This urgency calls for innovative solutions that can revolutionize the way we think about and utilize energy.


The MIT Climate & Energy Prize offers a powerful solution to this challenge by nurturing and supporting ambitious entrepreneurs. By providing a competitive platform, along with non-dilutive cash prizes, mentoring, and resources, the competition accelerates the development and adoption of groundbreaking climate technologies.


Since its inception, the impact of the MIT Climate & Energy Prize has been profound. With over 850 applications received, more than 280 teams mentored, and over $3.5 million in cash prizes awarded, the competition has nurtured a new generation of climate leaders. In 2024 alone, 166 applications from 44 countries were submitted, illustrating the global reach and significance of this initiative.

2024 MIT CEP Companies:

Congrats to all the semifinalists: AeroFlux, Wankel Energy Systems, Agteria Biotech, Ekidos Agrivoltaics, Conflux Purification, Helix Carbon, Vertical GaN, Andros, Philisa Energy, CAELUS, ParaStruct, Treeva Ltd, GPSolar, SeaMind AI, Oxylus Energy, Strobe Power, Silo Energy, and ThreadMap. A huge shoutout to Helix Carbon for winning the grand prize award, Andros for the runner-up prize, and Agteria Biotech for the third-place prize!

Read more about the semi-finalists here.

One-Minute Call to Action:

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