Mushrooms as a #ClimateTech solution? Yup.  Mycelium-based products fit into nearly all climate sectors, ranging from plant-based meats (looking at you My Forest Foods, Meati Foods), to packing materials (hey Evocative) & everything in between!


Ever heard of Mycelium?

We hadn’t either.

According to Work Week’s Keep Cool Report, Mycelium is the living root structure of mushrooms. More than 90% of plants depend on it to supply them with crucial nutrients and defend them from disease.

Essentially, without Mycelium all ecosystems would fail. So why not harness this as the conjunction of nature-based solutions and ClimateTech?

Some companies are! Myco Technology, Meati, Ecovative, and My Forest Foods are some of the top players transforming this fungus into our future.

Mycelium-based products fit into nearly all climate sectors, with innovative solutions ranging from plant-based meat alternatives (looking at you My Forest Foods!), to packing materials (hey Ecovative!) and everything in between!

Check out this Business Insider video to learn more:

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