It's time for another 1-Minute Climate Snippet! This week we're taking a look at reforestation in response to Biden's executive order aiming to "strengthen America’s forests, boost wildlife resilience, & combat global deforestation.”


Have you seen the big news?

On Earth Day, Biden signed an executive order to “strengthen America’s forests, boost wildlife resilience, and combat global deforestation.”

He hopes this will:
→ Safeguard old-growth forests
→ Strengthen reforestation partnerships
→ Enlist nature to address the climate crisis (see week four’s ‘Nature-Based Solutions’ snippet)

Let’s dig deeper into that reforestation piece. What exactly is reforestation and why is it necessary? Very simply speaking, reforestation is the process of replanting an area with trees.

Deforestation is responsible for the massive loss of tree cover across the globe due to industry, worsening effects of wildfires, and agriculture. We can reverse some of this harm through reforestation and planting new trees in damaged areas.

According to USDA Forest Service, reforestation efforts allow for accelerated development of forest structure, species composition, and canopy that allows for increased wildlife habitat, clean water, carbon sequestration, soil erosion protection, and much more.

Companies like Terraformation, Pachama, Drone Seed, Arbor Day Foundation, Trillion Tree Campaign, and Tree Card are helping to make our forests more resilient.

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