Regenerative Agriculture

Climate People’s sole mission is to get as many people working on #ClimateSolutions as possible. Our “1-Minute Climate Snippet” campaign breaks down complex climate jargon to enhance communication. This week we’re focusing on #RegenerativeAgriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is any farming practice that promotes harmony with nature through holistic approaches that account for ecosystem health, inequity, and overall sustainability.

According to the Climate Reality Project, agriculture is responsible for 25% of all human-created GHG emissions. Regenerative farming practices help mitigate these emissions and climate change as a whole by rebuilding organic matter and restoring biodiversity to draw down carbon.

Check out some of these incredible companies that are using regenerative practices to make a true impact: Indigo Ag, Yard Stick, Earthshot Labs.

Watch this documentary if you want to learn more: Kiss The Ground.

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