Driven By Impact | Edition 5: October 2021

Edition 5: October 2021

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In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day earlier this month, we wanted to focus on the importance of moving towards a fossil-fuel-free economy. Alongside all of the detrimental effects this industry poses on the environment, it's a major humanitarian crisis as well. The effects of this industry are especially distressing for our Indigenous Communities. One of the 1% For The Planet nonprofits we support, The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), works diligently to help reverse some of these harms. We encourage you to do your part in helping end this pain — for both our planet and communities. 

A Few Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn more about the Indigenous Environmental Network 
  2. Get involved. Here are some resources to #StopLine3
  3. If it's available to you, a donation to IEN can help immensely

We have an opportunity to decrease emissions by ~70% via decarbonizing the grid with electrification. When the demand for oil is eliminated, the need for an intrusive pipeline will simultaneously subside. Climate technologies are an exceptional way to break free from our current fossil fuel-reliant infrastructure. Keep reading to see resources, recommendations, and roles to help guide you through this career transition!

Stronger Together.

Climate People Updates

What's new at Climate People? ClimateTech is our only initiative. Our sole mission is to combat climate change one job placement at a time. Learn how we're doing this below. 
- We're Growing! Welcome to the team, Devika.
- We created a LinkedIn community: Climate Career Catalyst.
- We're on TikTok. Give us a follow.
- Candidate Reflection. What it's like to work with Climate People. 

Monthly Must-Haves.

Innovative Solutions 

The ClimateTech community is constantly rolling out fresh and engaging resources to help decarbonize the global economy. View our recommended resources below. 
- Make Peas Not Beef Podcast: How to land a climate role. 
- Climate Optimism: Guide to reversing eco-anxiety.
- Soapbox Fireside Chat: Defining ClimateTech.  
- Ace Your Next Interview: ClimateTech interview tips.
- Get Hired: 5 steps for standing out to recruiters on LinkedIn.
- Ivy Podcast: How to build a ClimateTech staffing firm.

Green Future.

Dose of Optimism 

At Climate People, we acknowledge the problem and the possibility. We're optimistic in this battle and believe that our customers and clients can and will make an impact. 
- Beyond The Buzzword: What is ClimateTech?
- Come to the 'Goodside': Guide to effective climate action.
- The Opposite of Doomscrooling: Pique makes microdocumentaries on climate solutions.

Hot Jobs.

You Can Make a Difference.  

Use your skills and expertise to change the planet for good. Feel good about the work you're doing with a ClimateTech career. 
Director, Carbon and Climate Solutions
Senior Software Engineering Manager: Decarbonize shipping
Platform Engineer: Decarbonize Polluting Industries
Principal Software Engineer: Climate, Carbon & Farming
Senior UI/UX Designer: Renewable Energy Leader
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That's all for this edition! Stay tuned for next month's roundup. Thank you so much for your continued support of our mission.

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