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The candidate is an accomplished synthetic organic, polymer, and analytical chemist with extensive experience in developing environmentally-friendly hard water treatment methods for residential water. With a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and anSc in Analytical Chemistry, they have developed expertise in green chemistry, hard water treatment, water analysis, and multistep organic synthesis.

As Director of Research and Development, they established the Research and Development Lab, identified and resolved problems in existing systems, developed new products and technologies, and developed a LSI and dosing calculator to check the suitability of their treatment. Furthermore, their research experience includes biomaterial synthesis, biodegradable 'mechanosensors', and organic small molecule synthesis. They have published several papers in notable academic journals that reflect their expertise and innovative approach to scientific research.

Overall, their skills, experience, and achievements make them an exceptional candidate to contribute to any team engaged in developing new green, energy-efficient, and sustainable technology.

Top Skills

Green Chemistry, Hard Water Treatment, Water Analysis, Multistep Organic Synthesis, Research and Development



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